• Office of Fiscal Management: WA I-502 Fiscal Impact

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    Fiscal Impact through Fiscal Year 2017 (executive summary)

    Initiative 502 would license and regulate marijuana production and distribution; tax marijuana sales; earmark marijuana-related revenues; and specifically prohibit driving under the influence of marijuana. The total fiscal impact on state and local government revenues, expenditures and costs is indeterminate due to the significant uncertainties related to federal enforcement of federal criminal laws related to marijuana. However, the initiative’s provisions related to driving under the influence of marijuana, which are not affected by federal criminal law enforcement, are estimated to generate known state fee revenue of $4,295,000 and known state agency costs of $2,754,000 over five fiscal years.

    Read the full PDF by the Washington Office for Fiscal Management


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    1. Shannon broder
      February 15, 2015 at 1:55 pm

      My son was recently involved in an automobile accident,he is 17 years old.when given a blood test it came back 2 months later indicating that his level of delta 9 was 3.4 and therefore he was considered high or under the influence.we were shocked that he had used pot in the first place but I am unable to determine if that level would truly indicates he was high.can you possibly shed some light or an opinion on the level mentioned above would be considered enough for him to have impaired driving ability, thank you Shannon broder

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