• The government still insists pot is more dangerous than cocaine (The Washington Post)

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    The following article by Stanford Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Keith Humphreys, explains the rational behind the federal drug classification system that places marijuana on the most restricted tier. This tiering mechanism fails because of the fallacy of presumption it implies: that a drug without medical benefit is therefore more dangerous. A further read explains how this problem might be remedied.

    By KEITH HUMPHREYS | May 15, 2015

    Through federal court challenges and Congressional initiatives, activists have been pushing hard to have marijuana removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana sits with heroin on the highly restrictive Schedule I, while cocaine and methamphetamine are on the less restrictive Schedule II. This leaves many people puzzled: How can the federal government claim that pot is as dangerous as heroin and more dangerous than meth?

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