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    Larimer County (CO) considers a temporary ban on pot sales

    by  • January 16, 2013 • News Stories • 0 Comments

    “Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith is asking the county commissioners to “put the brakes” on all marijuana businesses to see how state regulations shape up in light of voters’ legalization of small amounts of recreational marijuana in Colorado. But the elected board wants to gather more information before deciding whether to enact a temporary moratorium,...

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    CARROLL: Can a Colorado tea shop legally turn into a “cannabis-friendly” co-op?

    by  • January 14, 2013 • Opinion • 0 Comments

    “According to the Daily Camera, the Hive Co-op ‘is BYOC: bring your own cannabis. There’s a 1-ounce limit, $5 cover charge and 21-years-of-age requirement with a valid ID.’ What explicitly bars, meanwhile, is public consumption, with the actual language as follows: “nothing in this section shall permit consumption that is conducted openly...

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    CO County considers a temporary ban on marijuana

    by  • January 14, 2013 • News Stories • 0 Comments

    “Unanswered questions around Colorado’s Amendment 64 legalizing marijuana are puzzling Larimer County’s law enforcement chiefs about where their authority ends. In the first of a series of meetings that will help guide the county’s approach to legal marijuana, Sheriff Justin Smith and District Attorney Cliff Riedel told county commissioners that they are scratching their...

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    Washington County, CO installs moratorium on retail applications until regulations are completed

    by  • January 9, 2013 • News Stories • 0 Comments

    Washington County, CO installs moratorium on retail applications until regulations are completed. ”The Board of Washington County Commissioners adopted a Resolution “Declaring a Moratorium on the Applications for Any and All Permitted Activity” relating to Amendment 64. The moratorium further states, “The Board of County Commissioners finds that the State is currently undertaking rule making...

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    A-64 Implementation Task Force considers limiting sales to CO residents

    by  • January 9, 2013 • Official Reports • 0 Comments

    ”Once retail shops for recreational marijuana can open their doors in Colorado, who will actually be allowed to use them? This was one of the questions raised at a meeting yesterday of the Amendment 64 task force charged with making recommendations on implementing the new law. We’ll likely see more debate over the next month...

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    Gov. Hickenlooper orders task force to write A-64 rules

    by  • January 1, 2013 • Official Reports • 0 Comments

    ”They have two months to create the rules to regulate a new industry of legalized, regulated marijuana sales in Colorado. They are members of a task force created by an executive order on December 10, when Gov. John Hickenlooper officially declared Amendment 64 law.  Their mission: establishing a regulatory framework for a new statewide marijuana industry… There are five...

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    Loveland, CO, is one city that might refuse to license marijuana retailers

    by  • November 16, 2012 • News Stories • 0 Comments

    “Loveland officials have begun to explore whether the city might go smokeless regarding the commercial marijuana provisions of voter-approved Amendment 64… But two city council members who have floated the idea of opting out of licensing marijuana stores in Loveland say they have 16,620 reasons to pursue that remedy. The city has time: Local governments have...

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