• Queensland takes ‘wait and see’ approach to medical marijuana (Brisbane Times)

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    Marijuana clinical trials underway in New South Wales, Australia press on as other states anticipate the results. In the meantime, Beau Kilmer of the Rand Corporation, a bipartisan global think tank, addressed police officials in Brisbane, Australia on the benefits of marijuana legalization and purveyed several models capable of doing so.

    By BRISBANE TIMES | March 18, 2016

    Queensland’s Labor government is adopting the same “wait and see” approach to medical marijuana of other states as NSW presses ahead with clinical trials.

    Children with severe epilepsy, chemotherapy and terminal illness patients will be among the subjects of clinical trials in NSW announced in December.

    Ultimately the trials boiled down to compassion, Premier Mike Baird said at the time.

    However Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said she was waiting on the NSW findings as well a Therapeutic Goods Administration investigation.

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