• News Digest October 27

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    Washington Intiative 502

    News: Washington Initiative 502: both sides of the debate - Andrew Winner at the Seattle Tmes

    News: I-502 creates new set of issues - Meghan Stephenson at the North Kitsap Herald

    News: Marijuana Notes: Wait a second … “2 grams per use”? - Jake Ellison at KPLU Seattle

    Endorsement: SSDP And Steve DeAngelo Endorse Washington I-502 - Johnny Green at The Weed Blog


    Oregon Measure 80

    Interview: D. Paul Stanford, founder of the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, talks about Oregon Measure 80 - Etopia News

    Endorsement: The Source Weekly Endorses Measure 80, Ending Cannabis Prohibition - Johnny Green at The Weed Blog

    Advertisement (Video): Vote Yes on Measure 80! Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (Legalize Marijuana) - Wake Up and Legalize It (YouTube)


    Colorado Amendment 64

    Analysis: Colorado’s Amendment 64 Estimated To Generate $60 Million in Annual Revenue - Tara Dodrill at the Inquisitr

    News: Colorado Revenue Boost from Marijuana Legalization Uncertain - John Ingold at the Denver Post

    Feature: Amendment 64: Getting High at 5,280 ft. - Mark Swihart at New Era News

    Opinion: Wanted: One state to go it alone on marijuana – Vincent Carroll at the Denver Post

    Opinion: There are economic reasons for saying no to legal marijuana - David May of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce at the Coloradoan

    Advertisement (Video): New “Veterans For Colorado Amendment 64″ TV Ad - Johnny Green at the Weed Blog



    News: Pot Polling Update - Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast

    News: Voter Initiatives On Dope, Health, and Land Breathe New Life Into Federalism - J. D. Tuccille at Reason


    Media Outlets

    StopTheDrugWar.org: Marijuana Legalization Archives

    Drug War Chronicle: Initiative Watch


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