• Meet the man trying to halt marijuana legalization (VOX Media)

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    In the following transcript, Kevin Sabet, c0-funder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, opposes marijuana legalization on the grounds that legalization would inevitably lead to the emergence of a immovable “Big Marijuana” industry the likes of big Tobacco. Remarking that drug policy academics have difficulty “transferring their theories and getting them adopted in governments,” he sees prohibition as the only recourse; though others could beg to differ that marijuana legalization as a movement is only gathering more momentum.

    Updated By GERMAN LOPEZ | March 19, 2015

    Kevin Sabet has become synonymous with the opposition to  marijuana legalization in the US. As a former drug policy adviser to the White House and co-founder, with Patrick Kennedy, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), Sabet has long acted as a major counterpoint to pro-legalization groups like the Marijuana Policy Project and Drug Policy Alliance.

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