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    Washington Initiative 502

    News: One Marijuana Arrest Occurs Every 42 Seconds In US: FBI Report - Matt Ferner at Huffington Post

    Opinion: Good, Bad and Ugly: 5 class acts, 5 classless acts of Campaign 2012 - Joel Connelly at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


    Oregon Measure 80

    Advertisement (Video): Prohibition Has Failed  - Vote 80.org

    Poll: Oregon voters just saying no to legalized marijuana (Oregonian poll) - Harry Esteve at the Oregonian

    Opinion: Mainstream Oregon Media Outlets Continue To Ignore Anti-Marijuana Sheriff’s Lies - Johnny Green at the Weed Blog


    Colorado Amendment 64

    News: Amendment 64 could reduce Colorado marijuana arrests by thousands - John Ingold at the Denver Post

    Local News: Local business owners ponder implications of Amendment 64 - Janet Urquhart at the Aspen Times

    Opinion (No): Legalizing Weed in Colorado is Reefer Madness - Joy Overbeck at the American Thinker

    News: The Money behind CO Amendment 64 - Niki Bornes at CleanSlateNow.org

    Local News (Audio): Vox Pop: Amendment 64 - Ali Lightfoot at KVNF Public Radio


    Media Outlets

    StopTheDrugWar.org: Marijuana Legalization Archives

    Drug War Chronicle: Initiative Watch

    Jonathan Martin at the Seattle Times

    John Ingold at the Denver Post

    Matt Ferner at the Huffington Post


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