• Marijuana Legalization Doesn’t Have to Lead to Commercialization (NY Times)

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    Convenience over criminality: Mark Kleiman lays out why he thinks Washington D.C.’s “grow and give” program is a better option to outright commercialization in the recent push to end marijuana prohibition.  Kleiman points out that legalization shouldn’t necessarily lead to cannabis becoming an everyday commodity.

    MARK A.R. KLEIMAN | November 17, 2014

    The voters of Washington, D.C. have overwhelmingly approved the legalization of cannabis under a system known as “grow and give” – every resident will be allowed to grow cannabis at home and to give it away, but not to sell it. There’s a strong case for ending cannabis prohibition one way or another, and “grow and give” avoids a lot of the problems created by turning production over to a for-profit commercial sector, the way states like Washington, Colorado and now Oregon and Alaska have.

    The District’s elected officials are now considering whether to move beyond “grow and give” by creating another for-profit market. I’m against it.

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