• Louisiana Medical marijuana chances not just pipe dream as national industry grows (Bayoubuzz)

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    Estimates in 2010 found 72%-84% of marijuana consumed in the US was cultivated in CA. As national demand for the crop increases, further complicated becomes the landscape of a state facing its worst drought in census history. Measures to alleviate CA’s woes, will be half-hearted at best, since the illicit nature of marijuana hampers analysis, and regulation, that governs licit crops.

    OpED | April 

    Medical marijuana industry in Louisiana just got a little greener.  The chances of the plant becoming more acceptable in the Bayou State might no longer be a pipedream of weed advocates.  Wednesday April 29 will be marked as somewhat of a breakthrough for those interested in the state becoming more pot-friendly, although not like Colorado, Washington or the District of Columbia, which has approved recreational marijuana.

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