• Legal confusion abounds in Colorado

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    Colorado’s legalization of marijuana creates a legal quagmire. “…On Jan. 6, possession and consumption of up to an ounce of marijuana will be legal, and individuals can grow up to six marijuana plants. Amendment 64 supersedes any state or local laws that conflict with it. But it’s not that simple. Local governments can opt out of the amendment’s directives. And plenty of state lawmakers say the implications of the amendment and its directives will take years to shake out.” John Schroyer at the Colorado Springs Gazette

    Amendment 64 might only be the beginning of confusing marijuana laws in Colorado. The language of Amendment 64 leaves questions unanswered as Colorado embarks on a legal journey no state has ever tackled… District Attorney Dan May says the whole thing presents a lot of problems. In an interview just after the amendment passed, May told News 5, “It’s still against federal law. Part of this law makes things more confusing than it clears things up because you’re still going to have all our other marijuana laws. We’re going to have laws for patients, laws for possessors, laws for caretakers, another law for dispensaries, and now a new law– this law’s really about retail stores.” Jacqui Heinrich at KOAA Colorado Springs


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