• ‘Just Say No’ to the Gateway Theory of Pot (The Atlantic)

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    As marijuana legalization comes to light, so are the many myths that shroud this narcotic. In attempting to define the course of drug use among adolescents, tempting too is the urge to oversimply root causes. As Mark Kleiman, a UCLA professor and drug policy expert notes, “It [marijuana] can get them into illicit drugs because it gets them to know people who sell illicit drugs, who might be prepared to sell them things other than cannabis.”

    By OLGA KHAZAN | APR 23, 2015

    Many young adults remember their childhood participation in Drug Abuse Resistance Education, better known by the acronym “D.A.R.E.”  One of the program’s core messages—along with the idea that you should always shout “NO!” when offered some “really cool drugs to smoke”—is that marijuana is a “gateway” to all sorts of other substances.

    D.A.R.E’s effectiveness was later called into question, and its curriculum overhauled…

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