• Drug Policy Forum with Professor Beau Kilmer (ATODA)

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    Hosted by ATODA (The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association), Dr. Kilmer was invited to discuss the implications of the U.S. therapeutic/medicinal cannabis regime for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT); whose Legislative Assembly is conducting an Inquiry on this matter. ATODA represents the ACT’s non-governmentental and governmental alcohol, tobacco and other drug sector. Read on to learn more about ATODA’s approach to medicinal cannabis policy for ACT.

    By the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association (ATODA) | February 19, 2015

    Venue: The Canberra Museum and Gallery, Tue. 03/10 @ 9:30 – 11:30am AEDT

    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and the Australian, community is calling out for a legal regime for therapeutic/medicinal cannabis. The Legislative Assembly for the ACT is currently conducting an Inquiry on the matter. Opinion leaders across the nation believe that it is a matter of when we will have legal therapeutic cannabis available to some very ill people, rather than a case of if it will become available.

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