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    Washington Initiative 502

    News: Weed wars: If states legalize marijuana, will feds still crack down or steer clear? - Bill Briggs at NBC News

    “Sabet’s vision of post-election pot realities in Washington and Colorado — where Amendment 64 has majority support, according to a recent poll — seems to suggest a possible weed war between the feds and the states.”

    News: If Initiative 502 passes, who’s going to grow all the pot? - Allen Schauffler at KING 5 Seattle

    “In the voter’s pamphlet, the State estimates growers will have to produce enough marijuana to keep 363,000 residents stoned and happy and in some cases fighting off the pain of debilitating and fatal diseases and conditions… So who’s going to grow it? Probably people like Jeff Gilmore of Thurston County.”

    Opinion (Yes): If You Care About Medical Marijuana Patients (Among Others), Support I-502 - David Borden at StoptheDrugWar.org

    “Today StoptheDrugWar.org formally endorses Initiative 502. In this post I explain why we believe the measure helps, not harms, most medical marijuana patients, and defeating it would therefore harm patients; why I believe other attacks leveled against the measure to be misguided, despite some legitimate concerns; and why we at StoptheDrugWar.org consider passage of I-502 to be critically important.”

    Poll: Washington I-502, Marijuana Legalization Measure, Supported by 53 percent of voters – Huffington Post

    “A new survey from Public Policy Polling finds a majority of voters in Washington support a marijuana legalization measure that will appear on the state ballot on Election Day. 53 percent say they support Initiative 502, while 44 percent remain opposed to the proposal, according to the poll.”


    Colorado Amendment 64

    News: Meet the Three Coloradans Who May Legalize Marijuana - Garrett Quinn at Reason Hit & Run

    “Now, the people of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol have the opportunity to radically reshape American drug policy in a way that was unimaginable over a decade ago, all while shivering about one mile from Coors Field. Betty Aldworth, the campaign’s advocacy director, and Mason Tvert, the co-director of the campaign, have their own oddly shaped offices on one side of the floor.”

    News: Election Day votes will decide Colorado marijuana legalization measure - John Ingold at the Denver Post

    “A ballot measure to legalize use and retail sales of marijuana continues to hold the support of half of Colorado voters in a new Denver Post poll, setting up a campaign finish that may go down to the last vote.”


    Oregon Measure 80

    News: Cannabis Legalization Supporters Make Final Arguments for Measure 80 – Helen Silvis of the Skanner News

    “Supporters of Measure 80, the Cannabis Tax Act, held a press conference in downtown Portland Friday morning. According to polls, the measure will fail unless significant numbers of currently undecided voters break in favor of ending prohibition.  A KATU poll shows 37 percent of voters in favor, 41 percent against and 22 percent undecided.”


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