• Washington Continues Eradicating Marijuana

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    Washington will not stop Federally-funded efforts to eradicate marijuana. “The Washington State Patrol announced Monday that they expect to continue their state-wide Marijuana Eradication Program, despite the November passage of I-502, which legalized the adult use of marijuana in Washington state. Since the program began a decade ago, the Washington State Patrol has confiscated hundreds of thousands of cannabis plants and arrested dozens of illegal growers. Last year, an estimated 200,000 marijuana plants were confiscated or destroyed by law enforcement officers… “Our eradication efforts have been aggressive in recent years,” said Lt. Ron Mead of the Washington State Patrol Narcotics Division, “And will continue to be aggressive in coming years.” Thomas H. Clarke at the Daily Chronic

    Support around the country

    Hawaiians approve of taxing and regulating marijuana. “A poll released Thursday shows 57% of Hawaiians favor the idea of taxing and regulating marijuana. That’s a startling 20% increase in support in just seven years — a 2005 poll by the same group asking the same question had only 37% support… The poll also found strong support for decriminalization (58%), for medical marijuana dispensaries (78%), and for the medical marijuana law passed by the legislature in 2000 (81%). The law allows patients to use marijuana, but makes no provision for them to obtain it except by growing it.” Phillip Smith at the Daily Chronic

    An Idaho Republican group endorsed marijuana legalization. “The Blaine County GOP believes that the time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, and education,” the resolution says… Committee member Mike Connor told the Times-News the resolution is not an endorsement for doing drugs, but an acknowledgement that the War on Drugs is costly and producing few results. Associated Press

    Marijuana is also gaining steam in West Virginia. “A new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling and released by the Marijuana Policy Project finds that 53 percent of West Virginians support legalizing medical marijuana for “seriously and terminally ill patients” who have a doctor’s recommendation. The poll also finds that 63 percent of West Virginians think marijuana is a “safer treatment for debilitating pain” than Oxycontin, abuse of which has been rampant in Appalachia for over a decade.” Mike Riggs at Reason Hit & Run


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