• Center for New Revenue Analysis: Of Marijuana initiatives, WA I-502 brings most revenue, least likely to be shut down by Feds

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    Pat Oglesby of the Center for New Revenue writes (State Tax Notes, Volume 66, Number 4, pages 255-269):

    “But three states vote on marijuana-related measures on November 6. Colorado’s Amendment 64 anticipates taxes and caps them temporarily. Oregon’s Measure 80 generates revenue only with a state marijuana monopoly. Washington’s Initiative 502, with three levels of excises, contains the highest marijuana taxes ever proposed to voters, and it is officially estimated to bring in new tax revenue of over $500 million a year. After a description of these revenue plans, a rank ordering of them shows Washington state’s plan the strongest and most plausibly acceptable to the federal government.”

    Oglesby continues to estimate revenue figures for Oregon’s Measure 80, Washington’s Initiative 502, and Colorado’s Amendment 64 under various possible taxation scenarios.

    Read the full analysis.


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