• Boulder and Spokane Counties are dropping marijuana misdemeanors, but not Weld or Mesa County

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    One by one, counties are starting to drop misdemeanor marijuana cases. “For many counties, it doesn’t make good money sense to follow through with current prosecutions when marijuana will soon be legal to carry. King, Pierce, Clark, Whitman and Lincoln County prosecutors decided to drop all pending marijuana charges on their dockets following the passing of Initiative-502.” Melanie Tubbs at KPRTV

    Spokane County is dropping cases. “Spokane County currently has one possession case that falls under the new guidelines. Five cases involving people under 21 still will be prosecuted. And, another nine marijuana possession cases involve people charged with other crimes.” Associated Press

    So is Boulder County. DA Garnett: “The standard for beginning or continuing criminal prosecution is whether a prosecutor has reasonable belief they can get a unanimous conviction by a jury. Given Amendment 64 passed by a more than 2-to-1 margin [in Boulder County], we concluded that it would be inappropriate for us to continue to prosecute simple possession of marijuana less than an ounce and paraphernalia for those over 21.” Reason Foundation at Opposing Views

    Colorado’s Weld County isn’t ready (with an interview with an ACLU rep). D.A. Ken Buck: “Our office has an obligation to prosecute offenses that were crimes at the time they occurred. Accordingly, we will not be dismissing existing marijuana possession cases. But more importantly, our office prosecutes low-level possession cases to get drug users help with their addictions. That practice will continue until state law changes.” Michael Roberts at the Denver Westword

    Neither is Mesa County. D.A. Hautzinger: “As I stand here today it is still against the law in the state of Colorado to posses less than an ounce of marijuana if you don’t have a card, so I intend to keep doing my job.” Hautzinger said zero cases will be dropped, and until the secretary of state ratifies and certifies the passing of Amendment 64, Mesa County will still prosecute marijuana offenders. NBC 11 KKCO

    Kitsap County, WA, is thinking about it. Kevan Moore at the Central Kitsap Reporter


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