• Big Marijuana is scary. But not as scary as continuing prohibition. (VOX Media)

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    The following article makes an argument for hastening the legalization of marijuana. Hesitation for commercialization arrises over the probable expansion of heavy users that model would create, and the worrisome notion of a larger percentage of teens spending less of their productive years being functional. Pushing forward regardless of a commercialization model comes at a time when the promulgation of more publicly health conscious models seem difficult to take up, and while criminalization leads to otherwise unnecessary arrests.

    Updated By GERMAN LOPEZ | APRIL 27, 2015

    The spread of marijuana legalization in Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, and Alaska over the past few years means that more Americans can now legally buy and sell pot — but this has also given rise to a for-profit industry that may not have public health in mind.

    As legalization opponents and drug policy experts put it, this new massive industry will mimic the worst parts of the tobacco and alcohol businesses, marketing marijuana to heavy drug users and encouraging more use and abuse — outcomes that even staunch legalization advocates wouldn’t like.

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