• AP: Washington lawmakers propose tying cannabis taxes to law enforcement

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    In the wake of cannabis legalization in Washington State, some have called for increased law enforcement attention in order to drive out the existing black market and keep the new regulated clean. This produces some tension, given that Initiative 502 was perceived by many voters as a way to end the “drug war” and pull back on attempts to arrest and incarcerate marijuana offenders. Indeed, despite the popular appeal of that aspect of the law, increases to law enforcement budgets may be needed just for cities and counties to police this new sector of legal behavior. (Cracking down on the black market may likely require a more expensive and well-coordinated effort on behalf of law enforcement and state budgets.) The bill, as introduced by Republican Senator Michael Baumgartner, intends to direct $25million per year to hire 250 new law enforcement officers in localities throughout the state.

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