• 2015 Marijuana Stock Analysis (Investopedia)

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    Faded marijuana stocks shouldn’t come as a big surprise. There’s a discrepancy between the allures of a perceived expanding market, and the price a post-prohibitonary product could fetch. As retail investors are keen to point out, it’s too soon to tell how the federal administration will influence the cannabis industry in a post 2016 election period.

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    Marijuana May Be The Least Dangerous Recreational Drug, Study Shows (Huffington Post)

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    As recreational cannabis continues to challenge the status quo in states across the country, mounting research points to the outmodedness of the 1986 U.S. Controlled Substances Act. Mark Kleiman, professor of drug policy at NYU, quickly points out that reforming said legislation is only part of the picture. Reducing the attendant harms of underground markets and their...

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    Drug Policy Forum with Professor Beau Kilmer (ATODA)

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    Hosted by ATODA (The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association), Dr. Kilmer was invited to discuss the implications of the U.S. therapeutic/medicinal cannabis regime for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT); whose Legislative Assembly is conducting an Inquiry on this matter. ATODA represents the ACT’s non-governmentental and governmental alcohol, tobacco and other drug sector. Read on to learn more about...

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    Bill Bennett’s Marijuana Gateway Theory (And Harry Anslinger’s) | Forbes

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    This article criticizes the open-endedness of the gateway theory argument as used by cannabis prohibitionists, which explains its very tenacity. Such proponents are often eager to emphasize pharmacological effects in their explanations of cannabis users who acquire harder drugs, but such evidence remains nil, and more evidence-based studies such as those published by the Rand Corporation, or notable academic journals...

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