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    Vermont Public Radio speaks directly with Beau Kilmer, co-director of the Rand Drug Policy Research Center following the release of a Rand report commissioned by the state of Vermont. The report covers the whole gamut of marijuana legalization issues those states interested in pursuing policies other than prohibition should consider.

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    Vermont releases report on marijuana legalization (WPTZ)

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    VT Governor Peter Shumlin made dual announcements this week. Affirming state austerity measures was followed by the release of a state commissioned report produced by the Rand Corporation to advise the state on alternatives to marijuana prohibition and the effects these would have. The referenced report, “Considering Marijuana Legalization: Insights for Vermont and Other Jurisdictions,” can be viewed...

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    Three Economic Models for Legalization (MJI News)

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    Examining the identities of marijuana regulatory regimes reveals the priorities behind them. While those of the  Uruguay model boil down to divesting cartels, the United States must accommodate a much taller order, in particular, one along the lines laid out by the DOJ in their Cole memorandum, on the one hand, and capitalist prerogatives, on the other.

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    Into the Weeds (WWeek)

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    Those states spearheading the marijuana legalization movement appear to have more to teach states considering legalization than each other. Part of this problem stems from the difficulty in revising legislation once in place. OR state appears off to a better start than CO and WA; the following article explains why.

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    3 things we learned from Colorado’s first year of legal marijuana sales (VOX Media)

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    As marijuana legalization slowly takes to the polls across the country, and while legalization could have been better implemented in those states that adopted such policies, one thing is certain, retail marijuana markets are far from stabilizing. Policy analysts continue to remind debaters that it’s too soon to draw any conclusions from the rollout.

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