• Oregon, Alaska, D.C. voters to weigh legal marijuana in November (Reuters)

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    Marijuana is galvanizing states across the country. The following articles approaches the public’s opinion of pot as a larger sociopolitical movement along the likes of minimum wage. What effects marijuana legalization will have on society, according to marijuana policy analyst Beau Kilmer, are “too soon to determine.” It appears then, that while legalization in a few states is useful...

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    Oregon, cities differ on marijuana tax level (Market Watch)

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    Revenue projections from marijuana taxation fell below projections in the two states to already legalize recreational cannabis, highlighting the difficulties of diverting consumers from illicit to state regulated markets. By lowering taxes, initiates such as Oregon’s Measure 91 aim to divert more revenue from illicit markets.

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    The presence of marijuana in Michael Brown’s system tells us little about why he died (Washington Post)

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    There’s nothing more callow than a media pundit who spins tragedy for gain. And the fact that scant research exists to ascertain the lingering psychoactive effects of THC in blood lay bare another weakness. Why does a drug exerting this much influence over the nation remain understudied, why does such research remain prohibited?

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    Inside marijuana shops: A picture of our future? (Insurance News Net)

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    Amendment 2, the measure on Florida’s ballot to legalize medical marijuana,  will arrive at polls Nov. 4, the same date Alaska will decide weather or not to legalize recreational marijuana. Perhaps, as more states shift towards legalization, be it for medical or recreational use, the impetus to move the Department of Justice will shift as well,...

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    Where pot is legal: Marijuana party buses roll out in Seattle (Alaska Dispatch News)

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    With marijuana ballot 2 in November. Alaskan legislatures are already asking questions on policy implementations. Washington’s weed buses raise one such consideration; an entrepreneurial venture that skirted the law by exploiting loopholes. Read on for further discussion on marijuana legalization and how policy makers propose to steer the market from illicit to commercial.

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    Marijuana’s medical use is illegal under federal law. It’s also patented by the feds (VOX Media)

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    The federal government maintains that its patent on several non-psychoactive components of cannabis are not at odds with it’s Department of Justice’s classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug because that classification refers to all components of cannabis while the patent refers to isolated components, such as cannabidiol, which it says has potential medical value. This acknowledging is...

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