• The government still insists pot is more dangerous than cocaine (The Washington Post)

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    The following article by Stanford Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Keith Humphreys, explains the rational behind the federal drug classification system that places marijuana on the most restricted tier. This tiering mechanism fails because of the fallacy of presumption it implies: that a drug without medical benefit is therefore more dangerous. A further read explains how this problem...

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    Louisiana Medical marijuana chances not just pipe dream as national industry grows (Bayoubuzz)

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    Estimates in 2010 found 72%-84% of marijuana consumed in the US was cultivated in CA. As national demand for the crop increases, further complicated becomes the landscape of a state facing its worst drought in census history. Measures to alleviate CA’s woes, will be half-hearted at best, since the illicit nature of marijuana hampers analysis, and regulation, that governs licit crops.

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    Big Marijuana is scary. But not as scary as continuing prohibition. (VOX Media)

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    The following article makes an argument for hastening the legalization of marijuana. Hesitation for commercialization arrises over the probable expansion of heavy users that model would create, and the worrisome notion of a larger percentage of teens spending less of their productive years being functional. Pushing forward regardless of a commercialization model comes at a time...

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    ‘Just Say No’ to the Gateway Theory of Pot (The Atlantic)

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    As marijuana legalization comes to light, so are the many myths that shroud this narcotic. In attempting to define the course of drug use among adolescents, tempting too is the urge to oversimply root causes. As Mark Kleiman, a UCLA professor and drug policy expert notes, “It  can get them into illicit drugs because it gets them...

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    GLYNN: Marijuana tax revenue still in question (Niagra Gazette)

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    Tax revenue from some form of cannabis legalization is a popular driving force capable of pushing other needed agendas such as decriminilazation and public health measures. But such optimism creates false expectations that detract from the real benefits to be reaped, and implemented, from legalizing cannabis. Perhaps the momentum is such, that the revenue-impetus is no longer necessary?

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    Marijuana Taxes Won’t Save State Budgets (The New York Times)

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    Part of the recreational marijuana tax dilemma – shortfalls in revenue – stems from diversions in revenue caused by the regulation of medical marijuana itself. But the real dilemma is caused more by inflated expectations. As NYU drug and crime analyst Mark Kleiman often expounds, time stabilizes recreational prices to a level that can...

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    Meet the man trying to halt marijuana legalization (VOX Media)

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    In the following transcript, Kevin Sabet, c0-funder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, opposes marijuana legalization on the grounds that legalization would inevitably lead to the emergence of a immovable “Big Marijuana” industry the likes of big Tobacco. Remarking that drug policy academics have difficulty “transferring their theories and getting them adopted in governments,” he sees prohibition as the...

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