• Inside marijuana shops: A picture of our future? (Insurance News Net)

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    Amendment 2, the measure on Florida’s ballot to legalize medical marijuana,  will arrive at polls Nov. 4, the same date Alaska will decide weather or not to legalize recreational marijuana. Perhaps, as more states shift towards legalization, be it for medical or recreational use, the impetus to move the Department of Justice will shift as well,...

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    Where pot is legal: Marijuana party buses roll out in Seattle (Alaska Dispatch News)

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    With marijuana ballot 2 in November. Alaskan legislatures are already asking questions on policy implementations. Washington’s weed buses raise one such consideration; an entrepreneurial venture that skirted the law by exploiting loopholes. Read on for further discussion on marijuana legalization and how policy makers propose to steer the market from illicit to commercial.

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    Marijuana’s medical use is illegal under federal law. It’s also patented by the feds (VOX Media)

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    The federal government maintains that its patent on several non-psychoactive components of cannabis are not at odds with it’s Department of Justice’s classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug because that classification refers to all components of cannabis while the patent refers to isolated components, such as cannabidiol, which it says has potential medical value. This acknowledging is...

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    Eric Holder questions marijuana’s legal status as he prepares to leave Justice Department (VOX Media)

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    VOX Media argues how federal reclassification of marijuana could be the largest boon for public health in decades, as well as for the socioeconomic benefit of society. Research into marijuana’s effects on adolescents and medicinal uses could facilitate policies regulating teen use and abuse or pro-marijuana commercial campaigns. Federal steps to decriminalize marijuana can also impact...

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    The threat of commercialized marijuana (VOX Media)

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    At the head of qualms over marijuana legalization stand Big Marijuana, and the concerns that profit driven marketing will increase abuse and flood the stores with dangerous edibles with undisclosed ingredients. Following close behind are several unresolved complications: the prohibition of marijuana research facilities due to its classification a schedule 1 drug and the risks...

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    Marijuana, Federal Power, and the States: Symposium at Case Western Reserve University (Brookings)

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    Dr. Angela Hawken depicts public opinion on cannabis regulation while clarifying the US international obligations to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) under the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The substance abuse side is explored in by Dr. Kleiman, specifically young adolescents, while Mr. Davenport explores state policy options towards juvenile access to informal marijuana markets.

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    Another Hazy Week For Weed (The Daily Beast)

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    That physiological research on marijuana’s continues to be governed by speculation should come as no surprise; perhaps the sources behind this research should. Federal prohibition and classification of marijuana as a schedule I drug has created a void that is quickly being filled by institutions vying to substantiate their posture for and against legalization scientifically.

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    Cannabis Consumption Limit: To Enforce or to ‘Nudge’? (Talking Drugs)

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    Can consumers of state dispensed marijuana self-regulate their consumption? Prof. of Public Policy at UCLA, Mark Kleiman proposes one such approach to this this solution, applying Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein’s “nudge theory” to marijuana economics. The intended goal is to make consumers mindful of their consumption, and accountable to their own commitments; an alternative...

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    This is your federalism on drugs (The Washington Post)

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    Both republicans and democrats alike recognize the spillover effect marijuana legalization could have on those states where it’s prohibited. These tensions also persist at the state-level among banking and academic institutions whom abide by federal prohibition. That’s why Case Western University’s School of Law will be hosting a conference, bringing together the nation’s best minds on drug policy...

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