• Cannabis Consumption Limit: To Enforce or to ‘Nudge’? (Talking Drugs)

    by  • August 30, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Can consumers of state dispensed marijuana self-regulate their consumption? Prof. of Public Policy at UCLA, Mark Kleiman proposes one such approach to this this solution, applying Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein’s “nudge theory” to marijuana economics. The intended goal is to make consumers mindful of their consumption, and accountable to their own commitments; an alternative...

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    This is your federalism on drugs (The Washington Post)

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    Both republicans and democrats alike recognize the spillover effect marijuana legalization could have on those states where it’s prohibited. These tensions also persist at the state-level among banking and academic institutions whom abide by federal prohibition. That’s why Case Western University’s School of Law will be hosting a conference, bringing together the nation’s best minds on drug policy...

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    Rules for the marijuana market (NY Times: Op-Ed)

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    Pegging taxes on retail marijuana prices is loosing it clout; it’s a transitory strategy at best. Not only will states like CO and WA lose revenue from taxation as prices drop, this also means less money to finance public health and educational initiatives funded by these taxes. One suggestion is to tax marijuana based on its potency, which along...

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    Synthetic Marijuana Continues To Take Lives (Opposing Views)

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    In this day and age, if an edible product is on store shelves, we assume it’s same to consume; the reality for synthetic cannabinoids couldn’t be farther from the truth. DEA regulations are having a hard time keeping pace with synthetic cannabinoids, and for commercial producers, winning this race means shorter evaluation and testing times, and a greater likelihood...

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